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Monday, 9 May 2011

Gel eye liner from buyincoins

Last month one day i had been in one of my terrible mood swings and i know only one way to regain my mood- buying some thing  .So i logged into buyincoins. Before i never bought from buyincoins. So i had been little sceptic and didnot want to buy some thing expensive. 

Finally i ordered

  Water proof eyeliner gel with brush and some combs..

Still i don't know how i dared to order eyeliner gel without a brand name. Usually i am careful about the  products using in eye. May be the excellent reviews by previous customers prompted me. Around 22 reviews - all totally positive. But main thing what attracted me is the angled eyeliner brush which comes along with this eyeliner.

Cost for the gel eyeliner with brush was dirt cheap  - 2.5 $..Around 110 INR. Also shipping is free in buyincoins.Whatever the product you order , whatever the cost is , shipping to India is free. Only drawback is shipping will take time. 

Shipping took around 2 -3 weeks time. There had been no tracking number or contact address. But they provides status such as processing and dispatched and gives an invoice. A photo of the courier top with our address is also provided after dispatching.

After 2-3 weeks i received a Singapore post(not courier) with no sender's name. I guessed my friends there might have send something.

When i opened the parcel it is those things from buyincoins, securely wrapped individually with layers of bubble sheets, thermocol etc. Remember in most of their products no retail box will be there. So if you are a brand freak dont go there.

Coming to the eyeliner, It contains around 3g and comes in a small tiny frosted glass jar which prevents drying up of liner. The liner is soft , pigmented and have a creamy texture. It glides very smoothly on eyes.Actually i waited 2 weeks to write this review cos i want to make sure this product have no side effects, since there is no name , box nothing. I am using it continuously for last 2 weeks and now i can assure you really it have no side effects.It is smudge free and and last  till you cleanse away.

After washing and rubbing with towel

a)It is rich pigmented, true matte black color.
b) Creamy in texture and glides smoothly on eyes.
c) Till now no side effects or irritation in my eyes.(But i havn't used it in water line)
d) Dirt cheap.
e)Will last whole day( in fact till you cleanse it away).
f) Won't smudge.
g) Water proof   (For me it is con  :( )

As water proof very difficult to remove. Have to use oil based remover.

Coming to brush:
It is long angled brush which also have a small polythene cap on top to protect bristles. Perfect for eye lining, even a beginner can draw precise lines using it. The bristles are thin  and  i am able to draw thin or thick line as per my requirement using it, but i don't think it will last long.

This is not my eye, one i  nicked from buyincoins site, but it shows off real color you can get.

Overall verdict : Excellent site and product
  Will i repurchase?  : Will buy again and again till i get fed up. :p

Friday, 6 May 2011

Oriflame- Feet up - Moisturising Foot Cream

One month back  i looked at my feet and i shuddered. Even though no visible cracks there, it had been totally dried up  and had been in a worse condition.

I asked Pooja of My Space to  get me a foot cream . As there had been a sale at that time i got it for around 149 /-INR where as actual price is 349/-INR

Avocado and aloevera is well known for its moisturizing properties. Avocado oil supposed to retain hydration.

What company claims?
Soften, soothe and improve the condition of your feet overnight with softening Avocado Oil and soothing Aloe Vera. Massage into feet at night and wake up the next morning to find them improved

What i experienced?

It really do moisturizes and conditions thee rough skin of  feet .

On first application itself change is visible. Smooth , soft moist feet are obtained on regular application.

It have a mild minty smell, nothing over powering but a pleasant smell.Cream spreads very easily and require a small quantity only. From last one month i am using it regularly. Still half tube remains.Only 2-3 minutes massaging is enough for cream to get completely absorbed by skin and  do not leave back any oily coating  So not only at night even day times you can use whenever required.

The package as you see above is a long tube and is  travel friendly.

a) Highly moisturizing
b) Mildly scented
c) Small quantity is enough
d) Quickly absorbed to skin
e) Do makes feet smooth and soft

a) Not available in local shops, have to buy from Oriflame agent itself.
b) Original price is little pricey.

I will buy again?... Definitely.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chamber Of Beauty - Give away

Rakshanda of COB is conducting a fabulous give away where you are able to choose the shade of lipstick and eye shadow quad if you win.Well, not only  them, lot of products she is giving away . In fact giveaway products list is very long.

Revlon Colorburst lipstick
Revlon compact powder
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner
Maybelline diamond quad
Chambor blush duo
Black stone studded bracelet
& last but not the least Pink stone studded jewelery set

So click here  to enter Rakshanda's give away.

Peaches and blush- 500th follower give away

Mahek of Peaches and blush is conducting a fabulous give away cos she  crossed 500 blog followers and  crossed 100 facebook fans . I am sure most of you will be familiar with her blog.

Products on give away :

1.Nyx Eyeshadow Palette in Bohemian Rhapsody 
2.Bourjois Blush in Brun Cuivre 
3. Lotus Herbal Lip Balm in Strawberry  and
4.Lakme Nail Polish in 243 

The rules are very simple. Enter   here to participate in this giveaway.

Luck to all :)