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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some random thoughts

I am sure at some point of life you would have missed some some people.
When my hubby first told me he will be away for one month, to be frank what i thought is well ,some ways it is good only. I can have my own time for a change.

But when the time came , i realised i miss him lot. And about time..hell with it. What happened is before cutting vegetables especially onion i don't have to worry. Now that also i have to do.Drying clothes, well that also i only have to do always. Before i don't have to worry about paying bills at correct time, only had to think about how increase them  ;-)..Now came to know even for paying electricity bill or getting new gas cylinder refilled,you have to give bribe . Before for that i use to advise him” Being good citizen we must not make a practice of giving bribe”..Well i came to know without giving bribe nothing happens.:D.Same way in every thing.He use to help me in washing dishes in turns, well that also i have to do everyday. Being continents apart i even miss the gossiping at night :(

i realise in many matters however irritating he can be  , that much difficult it is to live without him .
The most irritating habit of him is that watching tv and acting like he is hearing whatever i am telling, when he is not. Well nowadays i ‘m even missing it.

Well is it my only problem or every one is that much dependent?



  1. Awww, dont worry. The time will pass off.

    My bf lives in another city and I always miss him, esp after his visits