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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Guerlain Terracotta Kohl Loose powder

I am not a person who use high end cosmetics. Guerlain terracotta kohl loose powder is an exceptional case among my collection. It is claimed to be used by many famous hollywood actresses such as Anjelina Jolie (Wink).

     It is a bit pricey, around 35 $ per bottle. But i got it in a sales, around 17 $  from ebay, including shipping   ie: around 770 INR.

Bottle sure do looks cute and attractive. Any one have to agree :)

There are a no: of colours available , i heard,
01 Noir, 02 Brun, and 03 Bleu and some limited editions such as Kaki (limited edition),Aqua Blue (limited edition)Oriental Bronze (limited edition).

Well, i opted for black, since i am trying a new product, i dint want to take risk. Black is - 01 Noir

What company says : "An exceptionally elegant eye makeup innovation, this ultra fine, loose powder, with a touch of iridescence, can be applied as an eyeliner using the wand applicator or applied as an eyeshadow using the brush".

 When i first saw bottle i became very happy, such a beautiful bottle. But on opening i got scary seeing the wand.I had been afraid wand might poke in to my eye or some thing.

But after 2-3 days it became very easy for me to slide the wand in eyes . Just hold it on the inner  edge of the waterline, close your eye, and drag the wand to the outer edge.After that you can do finishing touches, if you want.

At first some loose powder tended to fall on face.But it was easily fixed with a tissue paper.


As you can see from swatch, there minute shimmers in it, which i absolutely love!!


1) One bottle will last more than one year. I am using a bottle daily for more than 6 months , still half of the bottle remains.
2) No irritation or infection or any other eye problem.
3) It is perfect for smokey look.
4) Very pigmented, will give you dark, rich look.
5)  It does not contain lead unlike other companies kohl and kajal.
6) It will last long around 8 hours
7) Cute packaging.
8) Loves the little shimmers in it.


1) Ridiculously priced.
2) It will need little practice for novice to learn to apply it correctly.

I haven't still applied it as eye shadow, but i am sure as shadow also it will rock.

Will buy it again?..No, as lot of comparatively cheaper options are available.


  1. awesome review! :) reminds me of our very Indian 'Surma' even that is powdery as far as I can remember and with a pokey wand! :P :)

  2. @ lk ..yaa..exactly..only thing is most of indian made surma is full of lead :)

  3. packaging looks super cute to me :)

  4. Yaa..Even though by end the wand colour will change from golden to white :-p

  5. :O OMG seriously?! its freaky! :| I never used it. *thankGod*