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Sunday, 27 March 2011


I had been thinking what to do with the precious weekend, for Saturdays are also working day for us. Later i dropped all the plans since i have assignments to write...Yaa..You heard it right.. .I have assignments to write (sigh)..Being full time working and part time studying, this happens , often.

But to waste a perfect week end,nah, i cant digest that,but there is no time for me to waste also, since the deadline for submitting my assignments is on this week.

So i decided to balance both by making a time saving rich sinful dish  for lunch..that what to make?..again i got confused, there are 3 conditions to satisfy

a) It should be tasty enough to compensate the weekend
b)It should not consume time
c)Preferably non-veg, coz my hubby likes it

Then i thought about some ready made meat balls i picked out last week during shopping.Amul instant cream also there.Hurray!!.. Perfect ingredient for a chicken kofta.The hardest part of chicken kofta is frying the balls in correct heat.By using meat balls i can over come that difficulty, gravy making makes little time only.

So i made a gravy of sauted onions + tomato puree + little ketch up + water soaked almonds + cashewnuts. For masala i used coriander powder +chillipowder + little garam masala.Finally my ever fav amul cream :D and kasur methi.

For spicyness i marinaded chicken balls with coriander chilli , curd and salt.

Believe it or not, it tasted awsome. Even the last drop of gravy is not wasted and it had been sinfully rich to compensate the wasted week end also . :)..pardon me for my poor photographic skills.

Then in TV rerun  of " shanghai knights" was been there.Well Owen Wilson also was there ;-)..So enough to compensate assignment writing on week end :D