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Thursday, 24 March 2011


I am a gemini girl, sorry woman.  Well , to tell accurately, a women based on age and girl based on appearance and based on mind set often behaves as a lass or woman.

I spent my childhood in a village, by preteen was shifted in to a town  and got employed in metro. So u might find influence of all these places in me.

From old country house with big courtyard  to play and lot of trees to climb, presently i am satisfied with a 2BHK apartment which is ruled by a 'hitler' caretaker and always sleeping watchman :). 

Well, i have to tell about the most important person of my life, my better half  :)..who in turn is also my Project Manager in office (rolling eyes)....Ohh...Yaa..what u guessed is right.It had been a love marriage and more over an interstate marriage.

Well there is my ever loving parents, my cutie pie sister, ever supporting friends etc etc to name..but  that all later. 

I would like to know about you also, (ie: if some one ever reading this blog :D) please do put comments and replies!!

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