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Monday, 18 April 2011

Ear ring box

Today i considered several products to write. I even thought of posting my ever favorite reliable recipe of "Ginger - Capsicum Fried Rice".Then my eyes fell on the cute red box sitting in corner of my dressing table.My ear ring box!!..Then i thought why can't write about it. This  is one of the most useful accessories i have. I am sure all of you gorgeous ladies will be having loads of ear rings.So it will be helpful to you people also :).

I always like browsing through ebay pages , a kinda easy  virtual window shopping ;-)

I browsed through a ebay store named "Hyderabad Treasures". Some really nice and eye catching jewelery items had been there. But what  i most liked is  this - Ear ring box.

Price also had been reasonable 299/-INR (Around 6.5 $) with free shipping.

 All over, the transaction had been quite pleasant.Seller couriered it via DTDC courier and tracking details are also provided. At that time I shifted my apartment and little confusion arose . But seller Hadia promptly replied to my questions and helped me to solve it.Shipping  had been very fast i think, but due to above said confusions i received courier in my hands after one week,still also it is quite fast i think.

It really do save space and prevents loss of stones and other damages to ear rings.While traveling it is super handy :).

Before,  i used to store my all my ear rings together, which ended in losing stones and difficulty in locating the pairs. Then i started putting them in small small ear ring boxes, which became very difficult while traveling.We ladies will want to take all the earrings while going somewhere and no: of those little boxes will be numerous :-p.

The box is covered with red velvet cloth and it is looks very cute.According to sellers specification it is made of fibre and covered with velvet. Length is 9" and width and height is 3" respectively.

In this box at a time u can store around 16 pairs of earrings.

So if any of you find this useful, i will put the link to ebay store,so that u guys can easily get it!! Way to go..