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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Fabindia is one among my favorite stores. Almost everything from there have its own quality which  other brands can't imitate.

By March end l I took resolution , whatever happen i wont buy any dress this month!!...yaa..Really strong resolution :-p

This weekend i went to a mall here and we entered Reliance trends,as my hubby wanted some cheap t-shirts to wear in home.There i saw some really cute tops, still sticked to me resolution. (Yaa..Thatz me!!) :-D

On seeing Fabindia i remembered my face pack is about to finish and i wanted to try the famous "Fabindia coral glow face pack".So i went inside to buy that.

Well finally i came out with these

Well what to tell , the final damage is 3056 /- INR and i din't got the face pack i went for. Its out of stock. 

I think this happens with we all gals...what u say?

Well i will come with detailed review of scrub after using it...

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