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Monday, 4 April 2011

Nyx - Round Lipstick Tea Rose

Usually i wont get much time for blogging as i would like.But telling you, it feels really nice when you returns back, unexpectedly see some comment there.:)

Its long since i'm hearing about Nyx. I   desperately wanted to try that well heard , cheap but good quality brand which is not available in India . Then i remembered about loyal ebay and ordered there.

I bought from seller "angelstemptation"  .  Lipstick costed me 1.99 $, where are shipping cpsted 2.5 $..yaa..shipping costed more than product :p..Whatever, still also it came only 192 INR..So i thought the deal is not bad.

I ordered the shade "Tea Rose" seeing swatches in other review sites . 

Product had been nicely bubble wrapped and reached me in perfect condition. :)

At first  look, the bottle looked cute.

But the tubes are very light and will break on dropping.At bottom you can see the color of lipstick, so that you don have to open the lippie for knowing colour.  It is not lipstick, but piece of soft plastic that's molded into the clear bottom.


Product color also had been very good up to my satisfaction .It is a light pink color in flash  and without flash a pink with mauve .

It is quite creamy in consistency. But between i had to go to Chennai , and in Chennai heat it began to rundown inside the tube. :(

Color is quite nice, but unfortunately, it makes my face more paler :(..So what i do is apply Nivea Pomegranate lip balm under and apply NYX tea Rose on top :) .

Pros :
1) Quite creamy in consistency. Will glide over smoothly.
2) Affordable.Not at all expensive with good quality.
3) Very nice pink, not over powering.
4) Moisturising

1) Tends to make lines on lips more visible.
2) Package too brittle
3)Due to smooth consistency, tends to wear off after 3-4 hours.
4)Not available in India,have to buy online. 

Will buy again ? - Yes